Kalle’s Baskets revives the heritage of the legendary A. M. Luther factory

In the spring of the current year, Kallekorvid created plywood barrel that was inspired by the product of the famous Luther factory.
Luther’s factory started to manufacture wooden chairs and chests in Estonia in 1883. The factory came successful as it began to build chairs and later other furniture . The plywood seats for chairs were the first mass production articles.
The Luther factory’s biggest contribution to plywood production technology was the invention of waterproof glue, which provided much wider possibilities for plywood. Although the barrels of plywood were not the main article of the Luther factory, it still remains in many people’s memory. The production of the factory was appreciated to the extent that even the collection of certain products was happening among people. The history of the factory has been thoroughly studied and introduced by Jüri Kermik.
Kallekorvid round plywood barrel is versatile and can be used in many ways. It can be used at home as a storage box, a small table, a nightstand etc. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is made manually from the beginning to the end. The biggest challenge was to manually bend the plywood so that the shape remains round. Fortunately, this challenge has been overcome and now everyone can order this unique product.
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2 thoughts on “Kalle’s Baskets revives the heritage of the legendary A. M. Luther factory

  1. nice. how to make that?

    1. Its all handwork 🙂

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