About us

Veneer chip and plywood baskets

All the veneer chip and plywood products are made of of native high-quality birch tree.

The traditions originate from the last century when many peasants and old women made handwork during winters.

The trademark „Kallekorvid“ has also got its name from Kalle who has gained the experience of making baskets in the 1970-s while earning some pocket money next to his grandmother. These were traditional berry and mushroom baskets.

As the time has moved on, we have found many new opportunities to use this material. We have worked out new groups of products such as laundry baskets, chest for the laundry, boxes for the toys, firewood boxes, dustbins, wall envelopes, cradles, different trays, boxes, small noggins, shelves for spices, shelves with doors, picnic baskets, baskets with handles, bread baskets, armchairs, different lamps and panels for interior design. In addition all new ideas are welcome because everything will be done according to the client’s wish.